Academic stress management

It's exam period in my school and the most common topic of discussion among students is how stressed out we are. Academic stress is a very common problem at all levels of learning. Nowadays you find out that even little children experience some level of stress concerning schoolwork. It is a factor that affects the... Continue Reading →


The Effect Of Confidence

I was inspired to write this post by an oral examination I took during the week. Prior to the test, I felt totally unfazed about what was going to come. I remember telling my friend, Sarah that I wasn't going to bother studying for the test (of course that looked like a big risk). I... Continue Reading →

How to become a better student

Have you ever had a soul crushing moment where a test result leads you to believe that you're never going to be a good student? Or are you an average student who is not satisfied with his/her grades? Have you ever thought about what it is that the best students in your class do differently... Continue Reading →

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